Ben Woodhams



2019  · 300 × 240mm  · 224pp

It was a pleasure to work on the book of this major art project by artist and friend Ben Woodhams.

Ben had undertaken the mammoth project of making 52 weekly walks that comprised the entire coast of the Danish island of Bornholm, where he lives. Each walk lasted from dawn till dusk, and the changing light, textures, weather and wildlife he encountered were interpreted in the numerous watercolour paintings he made. By the end of the project, there combined to form a beautiful and inspiring record of the island’s coast over a year.

My challenge as the designer was to find typographic solutions to accommodate both English and Danish texts within a single volume and to keep the layouts lively and varied without becoming cluttered. A flexible grid helped with the layout, and a subtle change in the weight of the typeface helped differentiate the two languages.